Persuasive Business Writing


Learn to make your written English clear, concise, and powerful so that you inspire and motivate, and your ideas shine.


Workshop Brief
This workshop covers an easy-to-remember 5-step process. Designed for the professional who wants his or her writing to drive improved business results, the course uses a highly interactive format.

Participants re-write their own sentences, group-edit poorly written sentences, and receive practical guidance on their current writing challenges at work.


Workshop Outline

  • Five steps to powerful business writing
  • Common errors and easy fixes
  • Writing’s bugaboo for the millenium—email. What impression are you making?
  • Audience-focused communication
  • Your writing “voice,” and how to use style and tone strategically
  • International English: how to transcend culture and nationality


Along the way, we take an entertaining and light-hearted approach to the rules of grammar and punctuation.

An extended version of the workshop discusses specific writing formats, such as email, professional correspondence, brochures, press releases, business plans, proposals, white papers, etc.