Managing and Leading a Diverse Workforce


Learn to leverage diverse talent and cultural backgrounds, and bridge gaps in age and gender, plus working and behavioral styles, for greater teamwork and productivity.


Workshop Brief
This workshop teaches the dynamics of diversity that leaders need to understand and internalize. Participants learn practical tools they can use to bring out the best performance from their employees.


Workshop Outline

Understanding Diversity Dynamics – scanning the landscape

  • The big picture – the scope of diversity dimensions in the workplace
  • The apparent – explore diverse dynamics at work, including age, gender, and race (panel dialogs with reps from different age, gender and race/ethnic groups)
  • The hidden – a look at what’s underneath the surface (Visual Model #1:  Group exploration of the Iceberg model of culture)

Upgrading Global Intelligence (GQ) – a look in the mirror

  • Reflections – your multiple identities, biases, assumptions, lens and filters, and how they affect your perception and communication (Visual Model #2)
  • Assessments – how your social/behavioral style shows up in the workplace and how to leverage it for optimal personal and team effectiveness

Developing Strategies - tools and techniques for communication success

  • Useful attitudes – assets/resources rather than problem, Triple A process
  • Building bridges – success strategies with various styles and backgrounds
  • A quest for common ground – (Visual Model #3: Three circles)