High-Impact Presentations


Increase your ability to speak with confidence and credibility for greater impact and influence.


Workshop Brief
This workshop is designed to help senior executives polish their public speaking and presentation skills for high-impact results.

Specific techniques include the “hardware” of voice control and body language, plus soft skills such as precision wording and judicial use of visuals, rituals, humor and stories. Each segment is followed by intensive practice drills to hone the skills learned.


Workshop Outline

  • Plan for results
  • Deliver with confidence
  • Modulate voice for effect
  • Use gestures for impact
  • Select words for clarity
  • Use humor judiciously
  • Show your point with stories
  • Use visuals to engage
  • Employ interactive techniques
  • and more…


Pause-Action Coaching
Beyond watching and giving suggestions, your training facilitator will stop the trainee(s) during his/her presentation—often—and have them “rewind” and do the piece again in a different way. 

This technique accelerates the learning process and makes the new habits more likely to stick.