Effective Interpersonal Communication


Work more effectively with teams, manage conflict, and bring out the best in your employees and colleagues.


Workshop Brief
This workshop shows how style preferences affect how you and others take in information, make decisions, handle stress, approach problems, and communicate.


Workshop Outline
This workshop includes lecture, discussion, and many exercises to illustrate style differences and their impact on working relationships. Each participant receives personalized Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment results.

  • Overview of the Myers-Briggs style preferences
  • What the style preferences mean for you
  • Clues for assessing style preferences in others
  • How style difference create friction
  • How to manage style friction
  • Communication strategies across type

For work groups: examine style differences across the team and what these mean for the team

For leaders: learn how understanding style differences can help you lead effectively


This workshop can be customized for groups of leaders, intact teams, or large cross-functional groups. This workshop is especially relevant for work groups that want to build strong working relationships.