How are your employees responding to corporate messages? How clearly do they understand company goals?

Wordwright measures these factors and more through online, interactive surveys. With valuable data in hand, you can take action and achieve the results you want.

Wordwright gathers statistically valid data. Our surveys are clearly worded and unbiased. They instantly tabulate information from employees worldwide, allowing you to make decisions quickly and address employee fears before they affect performance.

We identify recurring themes, summarize results, and offer recommendations for action and ideas for key messages.

Our Ph.D. statistician examines survey data to find relationships between variables-knowledge that brings with it enormous power. For example, we can highlight predictors of employee retention or satisfaction or the effectiveness of policy changes/interventions. We can develop predictive models based on your data and examine complex relationships between variables of interest.

Used this way, surveys are not a chore for employees but a valuable tool that increases confidence in management.

Our surveys measure:

  • General attitudes-find out what your employees are thinking so that leadership can address those issues in memos and presentations
  • Perceptions of specific programs-uncover what’s working and not working in new programs and initiatives, and reveal how well employees understand program goals
  • Reactions to meetings and special events-use instant feedback to know if your meeting hit the mark, and collect ideas for future forums