RIF (Layoff) Toolkit

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Planning communications for a reduction-in-force (RIF) is essential to safeguard your organization.

Our RIF toolkit is designed to ensure that you succeed, with comprehensive, plug-and-play resources and a simple-to-follow roadmap.

Watch Wordwright President, Paul Matalucci, ABC, being interviewed by Hong Kong journalist, Adaline Lau, as he discusses layoff communications at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, March 31, 2009. Please note, this was a stand-up, on-the-spot video recorded by the interviewer.


Your RIF Communications Toolkit

Your toolkit includes:

  • Communication Plan: a master blueprint that captures key strategic information, from audiences and key messages to a detailed project schedule and announcement timeline
  • Leader Notification Meeting Resources: all the materials you need to inform company managers about the RIF and brief them on their role
  • Manager Training Resources: slides and speaking notes to train managers about the right way to notify impacted employees, including flow charts, training slides, answers to common questions, and role-playing exercises
  • Notification Memo and Employee Q&A: clear, well-written materials that address the needs of both departing and remaining employees, plus a process to collect, answer, and publish ongoing employee questions
  • Post-notification Meeting Resources: talking points and slides that focus employees on building for the future
  • User Manual: an easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide to every stage of the RIF
  • Two hours of start-up telephone consultation with a senior Wordwright consultant

For more information, call us at 415-826-0445, or email toolkit@wordwc.com.


Pricing Information

The RIF Toolkit is available for $795.

Optional 4- and 8-hour consulting packages are also available. Call us at 415-826-0445, or email toolkit@wordwc.com.