Strategy Roll-Out



Executives at a global Fortune 500 company decided to adopt a new corporate strategy. They needed to communicate the strategy’s rationale to employees worldwide, including what changes would occur and how the new strategy would affect jobs.


  • Wordwright conducted interviews and informal “pulses” to determine employee receptivity to the strategy. We learned that many employees were highly skeptical of management directives and of anything that smacked of “slick” marketing.
  • Wordwright designed a full communications plan to roll out the new strategy.
  • Deliverables included a managers’ toolkit with key messages, presentation templates and guidelines for customization, a Q&A document, and tips for communicating through change.


  • Many front-line managers rose to the communications challenge. They were able to explain to their staff the connection between the high-level strategy and the employees’ daily tasks.

The strategy is now an integral part of the corporation’s ongoing operations.