Push-Back Encouraged

Daniel in High School

My brother Daniel in high school

 By Paul Matalucci, ABC

I have a horrible memory from grade school. My brother was a boy scout, and one year he made a rocket to earn a merit badge and left it to dry overnight. I found it in the garage and became convinced that the fins were misaligned. I gave it my “fix” and told no one.

The next day, we stood around the launch pad and watched Daniel’s rocket spiral off the pad like a North Korean experiment gone wrong. I never told anyone at the time, but I’ve always been keenly aware that my best intentions can sometimes lead to failure.

When I consult with clients on both a tactical and strategic level, I overemphasize that my role is to support them in bringing their ideas and vision to its most powerful effect. They have to own what I deliver, and I encourage them to push back.

My unique value?

I want them to take credit.

I also stay away from the fins.




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